Foreign Exchange Systems: Admiral Markets Forex Trading


Forex or Foreign Exchange is where a person purchases a specific quantity of one foreign currency in exchange for paying a quantity of another currency.  It Began its evolution in the 1970s and has grown into one of the largest and most liquid financial markets in the world.  The purpose of Forex trading is to facilitate trades and investments all over the world.  The Forex system has experienced consistent growth since its beginnings and is expected to continue to grow.  Admiral Markets Forex trading was established in the year 2000 and is UK based If you are new to Forex Trading Markets you can get a better idea with online forex learning for dummies where you will learn about swing traders, scalping both legal and fraudulent, and the Interbank Market.

The interbank market is a world trading system of over 1000 banks worldwide that can exchange different currencies.  Forex currency trading is one of the most fluid financial markets in the world and the best investment tool for making money with foreign currency exchange.  The Admiral Markets Forex trading systems technology allows the account holder the options of using PC, Pocket PC, and Smartphones for trading.  The account holder needs only one account for all financial instruments and volumes and can start with a free demo account using wire or WebMoney for funding of the account. 

Admiral Markets Forex Trading System Features

  • Trading platform - MetaTrader4
  • Dealing desk - MM-Market Maker
  • Interest free max credit leverage - 200:1
  • Minimum account - $10
  • Realtime DOW newswires on client terminals
  • Real trade account -  Can be opened in under 5 minutes in Trader's Room
  • Support - via live chat, telephone, email and/or website forum
  • Pairs offered - 45 pairs - 5 for crude oil, natural gas, or commodities;  2 for precious metals;  21 CFDs (Contracts for Difference) for large corporation U.S. stocks
  • Narrow fixed spread from 2 pips
  • Fully automated - with instant fulfillment, instant execution, no price freezes and pending orders with no slippage
  • Trading times - 24 hours except weekends

There is much to learn about Forex Trading but once you get the basics down you can open a free demo account with the Admiral Markets Forex Trading system and enjoy making money by exchanging foreign currencies using U.S dollars or EUROs via wire bank transfer or WebMoney accounts.  While you can have multiple accounts only one is necessary for all your financial trades.



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